About DHR

DHR Ltd provides online healthy lifestyle platforms that serve a global customer base. DHR Ltd works with established personal brands that have an engaged fan base. The company develops the online branding for each personal brand, builds digital content, manages content and delivers the tech solutions for each platform.

Our company vision is to build profiles, create valuable content and manage online platforms for personal brands that add genuine value to people’s lives. The Digital Health Resource client list has been steadily growing and we have been working extremely hard behind the scenes on creating bespoke digital products for our clients.

DHR build their partners websites around the three main pillars of Nutrition, Fitness and Mindset and offers an innovative subscription-based model that provides the partners’ members with a very affordable platform including rich content, community support, interactive videos, recipes and plans to support you to live a healthier lifestyle.

There are many online platforms focusing on either nutrition, fitness and wellness, however DHR recognises that it is the unique blend of food, fitness and mindset that can really make the biggest impact in helping people to be the best they can be.